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Our Innovative Technologies and Finite Elemente Analysis
  • FEA modeling, mesh generation, analysis and optimization
  • Advancing-front surface meshing
  • Boundary layer and vibroacoustics
  • Fluid Structural Interaction "FSI"
  • Steady state and transient
  • Linear and non-linear
  • Thermal and structural
  • Durability by Design: Innovators in Fatigue Analysis
  • Moldflow-plastic injection molding simulation software, that help manufacturers validate and optimize the design of plastic parts and injection molds, and study the plastic injection molding process.
  • Solution Parameters:
    • Linear Static
    • Nonlinear Static
    • Normal Modes
    • Buckling
    • Complex Eigenvalue
    • Frequency Response
    • Transient Response
    • Nonlinear Transient
    • Implicit Nonlinear

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