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Electronics Design
Analog, Digital, Symbolic, RE, VHDL, MCU, and
Mixed-Mode Circuit Simulation & PCB Design
    • DC Circuits
    • AC Circuits
    • Circuits Entry
      • Schematic Editor
      • Equation Editor
      • Schematic Symbol Editor
      • Component Toolbar Editor
      • User Defined Excitation Editor
    • Analyses
      • Digital Simulation
      • VHDL Simulation
      • MCU Simulation
      • Mixed Circuit Simulation
      • Interactive Mode
    • Optimization
  • Mechanical & Thermal Analysis
    • Engineering Fluid Dynamics
    • Electronics Cooling
  • PCB Design
    • Single layer SMD circuit
    • Double layer through-hole circuit
    • 4-layer SMD circuit
    • Flexible PCB Layout (Flex PCB)

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