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Aircraft design process
Aircraft design process & Development process
Airplane Parts and Function
  • Cockpit: Commabd and Control
  • Fuselage: Hold Things Together - Carry Payload
  • Slats: Increase Lift
  • Spoller: Change Lift, Drag and Roll
  • Alleron: Change Roll
  • Flaps: increase Lift and Drag
  • Elevator: Change Pitch
  • Rudder: Change Yaw
  • Vertical Stabilier: Control Yaw
  • Horizontal Stabilizer: Control Pitch
  • Winglet: Decrease Drag
  • Wing: Generate Lift
  • Turbine Engine: Geberate Thrust
  • Probeller: Rotating blade located on the front of the airplane
Our Innovative Technologies:
Building Information Modeling - BIM
  • Multiphysics Design,
  • Multiphysics Analysis,
  • Multidisciplinary optimization and retrofitting
  • Design constraints
    • Purpose
    • Aircraft regulations
    • Financial factors and market
    • Environmental factors
    • Safety
  • Development process
    • Concept sketching
    • Surafces modeling
    • Protoytye development
    • CAD-Computer aided design and modelling
    • CAE-computer aided engineering and modelling
    • Validation and optimisation
    • Powertrain engineering
    • Manufacturing process design
  • Design aspects
    • Wing design
    • Fuselage
    • Propulsion
    • Weight
    • Structure
  • Design process and simulation
    • Conceptual Design
    • Preliminary design phase
    • Detail design phase

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