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Basics of Fortran Language
Course Goal:

These course explain the Fortran language from its basics.

  • Introduction
    • Program Structure
    • Comments
    • Continuation Lines
  • Basics of Fortran
    • Alphabets
    • Constants
    • Identifiers
    • Variables and Their Types
    • Variable Declarations
    • Assigning a Constant a Name - PARAMETER attribute
    • Initializing Variables
    • Arithmetic Operators
    • Simple Mode Arithmetic Expressions
    • Mixed Mode Arithmetic Expressions
    • The Assignment Statement
    • ntrinsic Functions
    • List-Directed Input: The READ Statement
    • List-Directed Output: The WRITE Statement
  • Programming Examples:
    • Three Programming Traps
    • Computing Means
    • Quadratic Equation Solver
    • The Length of a Parabola Segment
    • Projectile motion (intrinsic functions)
  • Character Operator and Substrings

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