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Concept and product tests

  • Concept and product tests
    • With product lifecycles getting ever shorter, new product variants, flavours and packaging concepts are vital to maintain a competitive edge. At the same time, there is a growing risk of failure in an increasingly tough market environment.
    • To successfully reconcile the conflicting priorities of customer needs and market requirements, manufacturers need to formulate a clear brand message and ensure that new concepts are optimised at an early stage of product development.
    • Concept and product tests can be performed as pretests or post-tests:

      • Design errors can be prevented during the planning and design phase, thus reducing the risk of failure and saving money.
      • If products are already established in the market, strengths and weaknesses can be analysed (including competitor analysis, if required) to identify areas where improvement is needed.
      • Choosing the most appropriate method requires taking aspects such as the individual questions, the test materials available and the accessibility of the target group into account.

    • Focus of analysis

      • Depending on the objective, the concept or product itself is tested individually or against other products in the market.

      • As well as performance, the product's brand, design, features and price can all be analysed in detail.
    • Research focuses on the following aspects:
      • Look and feel/visual appearance
      • Acceptance
      • Analysis of strengths/weaknesses
      • Novelty value
      • Relevance/interest
      • Benefit
      • Brand fit of product
      • Willingness to pay
      • Willingness to buy
      • Optimisation potential

    • Accurate answers:
      • eprdv-engineering concept and product tests deliver important data that enables informed decisions during the key stages of the product lifecycle:
        • Evaluation of perception and acceptance of a product/concept among the target group, along with basic viability
        • Feedback that allows improvement of the product/concept
        • Selection of the most promising product/concept (if several alternatives are being tested)

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