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Design & Engineering Solutions through Science Multiphysics
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Innovations Advanced Technology Leadership Awards

  • Advanced in:

    • Product Development: This realization is critical in allowing eprdv-engineering to combine your industry specific knowledge with our eprdv-engineering and product development knowledge and diverse background from many industries.
    • Hydrodynamics, Structures, Noise/Vibration, Propulsion, Product Automation, Fluid Structural Interaction "FSI", Electronics/Electrical Design, Research & Development, Focus on Technology.
  • Our Technology/Our Expertise Areas
    • Point of contact for science, research, innovations, development and technology
    • Our Technology/Our Expertise and Design Areas:
      • in Product Development
      • in Battery Manufacturing Process
      • in Electronics/Elecrtical Design
      • in computational fluids dynamics (CFD) and solid mechanics (FEA)
      • in the process of developing, Modelling and Simulation
      • in the verification, validation and evaluation of expert Systems
    • Solutions: Specialized with experiences gained within:
      • automotive/vehicle engineering
      • powertrain solutions
      • aerospace/avionics
      • Special purpose machines and plants
      • Solar/Wind energy:"technology and planning" & Structural Building
      • electronics/electrical industry & electronics/electrical solutions

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