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Our Innovative Technologies and Sustainable Lighting Solutions
The most sustainable source of lighting is daylight, other forms are solar lamps harvesting daylight
and lighting controlled by occupation sensors.Furthermore technologies such as light-emitting diodes
can be used to drastically reduce the energy requirement for energy.
  • Lighting Design Consideration
    • The Light Design (and Redesign) Process
    • Lighting Quality
      • Setting Criterion Illumination Levels
      • Illumination Levels Based on Light Source Spectrum
      • Light Distribution
      • Space and Workplace Consideration
      • Lighting on People and Objects
  • Sustainable Lighting Design LED and Beyond
  • Integration of architecture, daylight and electric lighting systems
  • Convential Lamp Technologies Vvs. LED
  • Led technology is great for:
    • Special effects
    • Step lights
    • Decorative lights
    • Automotive
    • Landscape lighting
    • Special enviroments
    • Theaterical lighting effects
    • Small areas, low light levels

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