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Railway Design and Geometry - Engineering
Railway Design and Geometry - Engineering & Development process
  • Horizontal and Vertical geometry.
  • Clearances.
  • Turnout design.
  • Structures and loading.
  • Light rail vehicle.
  • Freight (Unit) Train.
  • High-speed rail.
  • Design data:
    • 3D CAD/CAE design models of proposed infrastructure changes and the viability of new or changed infrastructure.
  • Regression analysis of the Rail Track and 3D CAD/CAE design models Geometry of the Rail Track.
  • 3D CAD/CAE design models Geometry:
    • Horizontal geometry, vertical geometry to develop the 3D CAD/CAE design models of the tunnel.
  • Design railway track drainage systems and damaging: storm or floodwater, railway network, maintenance.
  • Design track 3D CAD/CAE geometry: design rules, requirements to generate optimal geometry for the track.
  • Railway engineering deliverables for the railway projects:
    • Geographic plans, sections, bills of quantities, stage works plans, and images.
  • Railway track construction deliverables: refurbishment, and renewal information
  • Validate railway design and engineering: relevant rail standards, design rules and clearance requirements.
  • Rolling stock design and kinematics:
    • Construction of a carriage, Wheels and wheelsets, running suraface of the wheels.
  • Gauging analysis-Comparison of movements against a reference contour-gauge:
    • Avoid interfering with obstacles along the track.
    • Define the maximum allowed vehicle cross-section.
    • Static effects: Curving overthrow and Cant.
    • Quasi-static effects: Cant deficiency-excess.
    • Dynamic effects.
    Our Innovative Technologies:
    Building Information Modeling - BIM
    • Protoytye development & Modular design strategy
    • CAD-Computer aided design and modelling
    • CAE-computer aided engineering and modelling
    • Validation and optimisation
    • Costs
    • Multiphysics Design,
    • Multiphysics Analysis,
    • Multidisciplinary optimization and retrofitting
    • Development process
    • Concept sketching
    • Clay modeling
    • Class A surafces
    • Scale model creation
    • Protoytye development
    • Powertrain engineering
    • Manufacturing process design

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