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Special Projects Solutions

Areas of expertise

Computational Fluid Dynamics "CFD" Technology

Areas of expertise

Elecronics & Electrical & Wire Harness Design Technology

Areas of expertise

Finite Elemente Analysis "FEA" Technology

Areas of expertise

Computer Aided Design "CAD" Technology

Areas of expertise

Optimization Technology

Areas of expertise
Technology Validation & Verification

Technology validation & Validation confirms that component technologies can be incorporated into a complete system solution and that system performance and operation are met under anticipated operating scenarios.

Testing & Validation Validation & Vibro-Acoustic
FMEA / DFMEA Product Testing (DVP&R)
Hardware Division

Hardware Equipment EPRDV International is equipped with several Intel and Alpha clusters to provide support to customers requiring large scale Modelling and simulations capabilities.

Software Division

Resales Software EPRDV International provides software design solutions that enable companies to develop better products "electronic, automotive, aerospace and more" faster and more cost-effectively. We offer innovative products and solutions that help engineers overcome the design challenges they face in the increasingly complex worlds of Modelling and simulations.

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