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Design & Engineering Solutions through Science Multiphysics
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Electronics & Electrical & Wire Harness Design
Refrigeration Technology
Electronic Cooling
Electronic Cooling: design & Engineering & Development process
  • Multiphysics Design,
  • Multiphysics Analysis,
  • Multidisciplinary optimization and retrofitting of axial, radial,
  • Counter-rotating and mixed flow configurations of the flow path
Our Innovative Technologies:
Building Information Modeling - BIM
CFD Mechanical Analysis Solutions
  • Protoytye development
  • CAD-Computer aided design and modelling
  • CAE-computer aided engineering and modelling
  • Validation and optimisation
  • Thermal Design and General Consulting
    • Low temperature
  • Thermal and Fluidflow Analysis
  • Airflow / Thermal Experiments and Evaluation
  • Electronics Cooling
  • HVAC & Building Analysis
  • IC Characterization and Thermal Model Design
  • Thermal Testing Hardware
  • Thermal Design
    • Dynamic thermal characterization of semiconductor devices and LEDs
    • Thermal characterization of IC components, TIM, heatsinks and board level airflow
  • Airflow Design
    • Clean Rooms
    • Occupancy Comfort
    • Contaminant Tracing
    • External Flow

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