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Our Innovative Technologies Solution for Green Hydrogen
  • Green hydrogen and renewable energy-low-carbon power
  • Green hydrogen and grey hydrogen-steam reforming of natural gas
  • Current challenges for Green Hydrogen
  • Green hydrogen production technologies:
    • Steam reforming (SR)
    • Partial oxidation (POX)
    • Autothermal reforming (ATR
  • Digital technology and Green hydrogen transition
  • Methods of hydrogen production:
    • Natural gas
    • Oil
    • Coal
    • Electrolysis
  • The Future of Green Hydrogen Technology-Analysis:
    • Demand for hydrogen
    • Growing support
    • Hydrogen production
    • Hydrogen Costs from hybrid Solar (Photovoltaics-PV) and onshore Wind Systems
    • Various uses for hydrogen:Industry, Transport, Buildings
    • The International Energy Agency-IEA key recommendations to scale up hydrogen
    • Storage, Transmission and Distribution of Hydrogen

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