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Project Management Professional (PMP) & Business Solutions
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  • Learn the fundamentals,
  • Explore the possibilities,
  • Innovate to solve problems.
  • Success is a process.
  • Staff Training
  • The phase model of the projects
  • The structure in 12 modules
  • Active risk management is indispensable
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Take your Innovation to the next level and to PMP certification
  • Management Acceleration Programme
  • Transition to General Management
  • Advanced Management Programme
  • Software for Project Management
  • Feautes
    • Communication
    • Scheduling
    • Budgeting
    • Selections
    • Change Orders
    • Service
    • Bidding
  • Project management Process:
    • 1.Initiating
    • 2.Planning
    • 3.Executing
    • 4.Monitoring and Controlling
    • 5.Closing
  • Project management Knowledge Areas:
    • 1.Project Integration Management
    • 2.Project Scope Management
    • 3.Project Time Management
    • 4.Project Cost Management
    • 5.Project Quality Management
    • 6.Project Human Resource Management
    • 7.Project Communications Management
    • 8.Project Risk Management
    • 9.Project Procurement Management
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