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Research and Development
  • Both research and education have a strong intertwining with industry.
  • eprdv-engineering is working closely with national/intenaional laboratories, universities, and industry partners to overcome critical technical barriers to Research & Development areas.
  • Our case studies are organized by industries, universities and applications.
  • Each of them are unique and describe the scope of work involved.
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  • Research & Development areas:
    • Aerodynamics Shape Exploration and Optimization Using Mesh Morphing Technology
    • Troubleshoot and maintain spray nozzles systems for optimum performance
    • Gear tooth stress analysis and measurement
    • MultiSurface Aerodynamics
    • Development of Yacht Design & Interior Architecture & Airkraft and Automotive Interiors
    • Development of airplane systems "Strength and Qualification" & Galley Systems
    • Solar Energy & Wind Energy & Wind Turbine System
    • Wire & Harness design
    • Diesel engine and controllers calibrating in the production development
    • Hydrogen system design
      • Hydrogen and fuel cell technologies
      • Hydrogen vehicles and infrastructure
    • Thermal and Fluidflow Analysis
    • Airflow
    • Fluid Structural Interaction "FSI"
    • Electronics Design & PCB

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