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Our Innovative Technologies Solution for Aviation-Hydromet-Energy
  • Accelerate planning, increase budget accuracy, and automate forecasting
  • Hydrological and climate modeling
  • Measurement Instrumentation Integrating Solutions
  • Examining hydrological and climatic extremes, with a focus on extreme rainfall events and floods
  • Stochastic climate modeling using 2-dimensional Modelling weather generators
  • Analyzing the uncertainty associated with hydrological and climate 2D-3Dmodeling
  • Webforcasting Integrating Solutions
  • Forcaster Designs, develops, and Installation Hydrometeorology-Forcaster Workstations
  • WMO/GTS Message Switching
  • Pilots and airline meteorological conditions and briefing
  • Integration Pre-Flight Briefing Systems
  • Weather data, Images, and Graphics
  • Data collection, acquisition, processing, production and broadcasting
  • Hydrometeorology equipment for Monitoring and Testing
  • Forecast, exploitation, production and data broadcasting
  • Demsys-Deployable Meteorological System
  • Software-Hardware for Hydrometeorology-Forecaster Workstations
  • Satellite-Based Global Positioning System (GPS) to improve weather forecasts
  • Weather Instruments,thermometer, hygrometer, anemometer, barometer, rain gauge,the wind vane
  • Aeronautical Telecommunications Network (ATN)Gateway
  • Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunications Network (AFTN) Gateway
  • HYDROMET System: measure different hydrological parameters, precipitation, flow, water level and speed
  • Hydrometeorology and Surface Processes
  • Groundwater recharge estimation and Runoff analysis
  • Remote sensing by weather radars

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