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Design & Engineering Solutions through Science Multiphysics
committed to your success at an international and national level
innovative in the corporate culture and in global operation
Innovations Advanced Technology Leadership Awards
Constructure: Design & Engineering & Development, Management
  • Design Build:
    • Single Point of Accountability
    • Cost Savings
    • Time Savings
  • At-Risk
    • Transparency
    • Collaboration
    • Cost Management
  • Agency
    • No Redundancies
    • Greater Owner Control
    • Cost Effectiveness
  • Design-Engineering:
    • BIM Planning
    • Steel Structures
    • Concrete Structures
    • Timber Structures
    • Glass Structures
    • Mechanical Design-Engineering
    • Static- Dynamic - Multipyhsics Analysis
    • Membrane Structures
  • Recommended Applications:
    • Plant Design-Engineering
    • Hospital
    • Hotels & Resorts
    • Dream Homes
    • Interior Design
    • Houses
    • Appartments
Our Innovative Technologies:
Building Information Modeling - BIM
  • Our Expertise at Building Information Modeling - BIM
    • Building Information Modeling -BIM throughout the project life-cycle
    • Building Information Modeling -BIM-Management of building information models
    • Building Information Modeling -BIM in construction management
    • Building Information Modeling -BIM in facility operation
    • Ideas For Design and Engineering
    • Multiphysik Analysis: Mechanical Electrical Electronics Thermal Design Thermal and Fluidflow Analysis Airflow Evaluation
    • Optimizing System-Building-Level
    • Applications of Renewable energ and technology at Architecture and urban planning Wind power Hydropower Solar energy Biomass Biofuel Geothermal energy
    • Architecture and urban planning

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