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Renewable Energy Battery Storage System -BESS- Design - Engineering
  • We are expertise at Installed energy solutions
  • Your Road to Sustainability
  • Contact Us About Our Energy Resilience Solutions
  • Contact us, we are Battery Energy Storage Specialists-BESS Experts
  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Project Delivery
    • We can deliver the full engineering, procurement,
    • and construction (EPC) solution for your battery energy storage system
  • Hybrid Power Solution, include battery energy storage solutions (BESS), solar and wind technologies
  • Multi-engine Power Plant configuration
    • We can supply, install, and maintain a multi engine configuration of turn-key power plants
  • Battery Energy Storage
    • Comprehensive system integrated BESS solution that is scalable and delivers guaranteed performance
  • Battery storage and Advantages of battery energy storage systems
    • Environmental
    • Reduce energy costs
    • Reduce grid dependency
    • Always on supply
    • Enhanced Resilience
    • Co-location of Assets
    • Frequency Control
  • Battery Energy Storage System Components
    • Battery System or Battery modules
    • Storage enclosure
    • Battery Management System (BMS)
    • Inverter or a Power Conversion System (PCS)
    • Energy Management System (EMS)
    • Safety Systems
  • Principal BESS characteristics
    • Rated Power Capacity
    • Rated Energy Storage
    • Storage Duration
    • Depth of Discharge (DoD)
    • Cycle life - lifetime
    • Self-discharge
    • Discharge Rate
    • State of Charge
    • Round-trip Efficiency
    • Ramp Rate
    • Response Time
  • Battery storage system work
  • Renewable energy storage systems
    • Lithium-ion batteries
    • Compressed air energy storage
    • Mechanical gravity energy storage
    • Flow batteries
  • Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)
  • BESS Power and Energy Ratings
  • Battery C-Rate
  • Our Standards
    • Health and Safety: German and Eu (ISO 45001:2018)
    • Quality: German and Eu (ISO 9001:2015)
    • Enviroment: German and Eu (ISO 14001:2015)
    • Integrated Management System: German and Eu (ISO9001 - ISO14001 - ISO45001)
  • Car Battery Design - Engineering
    Car Battery design process & Development process
    Car Battery Parts
    • Grid Plate
    • Positive Plate
    • Microporous Seperator
    • Negative Plate
    • Positive Plate Pack
    • Positive Cell Connection
    • Electroyte-tight Seaing Ring
    • Negative Pole
    • Negative Cell Connection
    • Negative Plate Pack
    • Valve Adapter and Valve
    Our Innovative Technologies:
    Building Information Modeling - BIM
    Battery Design
    • Challenges
    • Cathode
    • Anode
    • Electrochemical
    • Environmental
    Our Expertise including:
    • Lithium-ion battery
    • Lithium iron phosphate battery
    • Lithium-ion polymer battery
    • Nanowire battery
    • Power-to-weight ratio
    • Fans and Blowers
    • Zinc-air battery
    • lithium-air battery

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