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Infrastructure: Design & Engineering & Development, Management
  • Infrastructure is composed of:
    • public and private physical structures such as:
      • roads,
      • railways,
      • bridges,
      • tunnels,
      • water supply,
      • sewers,
      • electrical grids,
      • and telecommunications (including Internet connectivity and broadband access)
  • Applications of Infrastructure:
    • Engineering and construction
    • Civil defense and economic development
    • Military
    • Communications
    • Land improvement
    • land development
  • Ownership and financing of Infrastructure:
    • governments or
    • by privately held companies
  • Sustainable infrastructure:
    • Sustainable energy
    • Sustainable water
    • Sustainable waste management
    • Sustainable transportation
    • Sustainable materials
  • Green infrastructure:
    • Green roofs
    • Tree planting
    • Bioretention and infiltration practices
  • Smart cities:
      Smart cities use innovative methods of design and implementation in various sectors of infrastructure and planning to create communities that operate at a higher level of relative sustainability than their traditional counterparts.
    • In a sustainable city,urban resilience as well as infrastructure reliability must both be present.
    • Urban resilience is defined by a city's capacity to quickly adapt or recover from infrastructure defects, and infrastructure reliability means that systems must work efficiently while continuing to maximize their output.
    • When urban resilience and infrastructure reliability interact,
    • cities are able to produce the same level of output at similarly reasonable costs as compared to other non sustainable communities, while still maintaining ease of operation and usage.
  • Smart manufacturing and digital infrastructures:
    • creating a solid foundation for the future
    • scalable foundation for the future.
    • The key enabler is the combination of OT-Output and IT-Input technologies.
Our Innovative Technologies:
Building Information Modeling - BIM
  • Our Expertise at Building Information Modeling - BIM
    • Building Information Modeling -BIM throughout the project life-cycle
    • Building Information Modeling -BIM-Management of building information models
    • Building Information Modeling -BIM in construction management
    • Building Information Modeling -BIM in facility operation
    • Ideas For Design and Engineering
    • Multiphysik Analysis: Mechanical Electrical Electronics Thermal Design Thermal and Fluidflow Analysis Airflow Evaluation
    • Optimizing System-Building-Level
    • Applications of Renewable energ and technology at Architecture and urban planning Wind power Hydropower Solar energy Biomass Biofuel Geothermal energy
    • Architecture and urban planning

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