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Electronic Cooling: design & Engineering & Development process
Electronics & Electrical & Wire Harness Design
Our Innovative Technologies and Refrigeration Technology
  • Non-cyclic refrigeration
  • Cyclic refrigeration & Heat pump and refrigeration cycle
  • Vapor-compression cycle
  • Vapor absorption cycle & Absorption refrigerator
  • Gas cycle
  • Thermoelectric refrigeration
  • Magnetic refrigeration
  • Air cycle machine & Vortex tube & Spot cooling
  • thermoacoustic refrigeration
  • Steam jet cooling popular
  • Stirling cycle heat engines
  • Gifford-McMahon coolers, Joule-Thomson coolers, pulse-tube refrigerators and dilution refrigerators


Our Innovative Technologies and Water Treatment Technology
Viewpoints-Water Solutions:
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Purification processes
  • Drinking Water Treatment
  • Desalting or Desalination
  • Methods of Water Treatment
  • Steps of Water Treatment
  • Ways of Water Treatments
  • Basic principles of Water Treatment

Turnkey Project-Water Solutions:
  • We supporting providing customized solutions for our clients.
  • We offer full turn-key solution for municipal and industrial treatment
  • requirements as well as find advanced solutions
  • for upgrading and rehabilitating of existing, outdated plants.

After Sales and Service -Water Solutions:
  • We are extremely proud to have dedicated After Sales Service
  • and Support team(s) which are at the disposal of our customers around the clock; all
  • around the world.
  • Our Global Service helps us to continuously maintain the high quality of
  • both our products and ongoing performance that our customers have rightly come to expect.

Package Solutions-Water Solutions:
  • The containerized package plants are ready made solutions for waste-water,
  • drinking water and sludge treatment.
  • The complete plant is ready mounted as package unit in standard ISO
  • containers for easy transport and quick delivery

Mechanical Treatment-Water Solutions:
  • In this first stage of wastewater treatment process, screens and other
  • separation components are used to remove floating and
  • settleable coarse material from the raw water.
  • Primary cleaning is the basis to prevent downstream equipment
  • from clogging and damages.
  • Depending on clients requirement,
  • the plant can be fully automatic, semi-automatic or manually operated.

Sludge Treatment-Water Solutions:
  • We-offer complete solutions for sludge treatment comprising thickening,
  • dewatering and sludge drying.
  • We offer stationary solutions as well as fully containerized and mobile systems.

Supplementary Products-Water Solutions:
  • We are handling all kind of water treatment technology,
  • therefore we also offer services and products around water treatment equipment.
  • Our program is including all steps of the treatment process and all needed equipment.

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