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Turnkey Renewable Energy Solutions
Renewable-Wind Energy: design / Application and Development process
  • Wind Characteristics and Resources
  • Aerodynamics of Wind Turbines
  • Architecture and urban planning
  • Balde Design Procedure and shape Performance
  • Rotor Performance calculation Procedure
  • Mechanics and Dynamics
  • Wind Turbin Loads
  • Wind Turbine Rotor Dynamics
  • Electrical Aspects of Wind Turbines and Concept of electrical Power
  • Wind Turbines Materials and Componentns
  • Operation and Maintenance Costs
  • Wind Turbine Noise
  • Value of Wind Energy
  • Wind Energy Market Considerations
  • Wind Energy Systems: Environmental Aspects and Impacts
Our Innovative Technologies:
Building Information Modeling - BIM
  • Protoytye development
  • CAD-Computer aided design and modelling
  • CAE-computer aided engineering and modelling
  • Validation and optimisation
    • Design specification
      • Low temperature
    • Aerodynamics
    • Power control
      • Stall
      • Pitch control
      • Generator torque
      • Yawing
      • Electrical braking
      • Mechanical braking
    • Turbine size
    • Generator
      • Gearless wind turbine
    • Blades
      • Blade design
      • The hub
      • Blade count
      • Blade materials
    • Tower
      • Tower height
    • Connection to the electric grid
    • Foundations
    • Costs

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